ABAAD | Resource Centre for Gender Equality


With the support of the M Foundation, ABAAD - Resource Center for Gender Equality - is scaling up interventions in [...]

HAGURUKA – Rwandan Organisation for Professional Trauma Counselors

In Rwanda

Haguruka is the leading organisation in Rwanda on protection and promotion of women and children’s rights. The organisation coordinates a [...]

Rêv’Elles | Female Empowerment

in France

Created in 2013 by Athina Marmorat, Rêv’Elles aims to inspire, motivate and accompany young women aged between 14 and 22 [...]

ADSF| Agir pour la santé des femmes

in France

ADSF| Agir pour la santé des femmes Founded in 2001 on the principle that access to health is not only [...]

Friends International | Child Safe Movement

in Cambodia

The M Foundation is proudly supporting Friends-International, a  non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and building futures of the most [...]

Rede Asta | Women’s Entrepreneurship

in Brazil

The M Foundation is proudly supporting Rede Asta, an NGO and Social Business promoting Women’s self-confidence and socio-economic independence through entrepreneurship in [...]




who we

The M Foundation is a grant-making charitable foundation, created by Mademoiselle Agency under the aegis of the Fondation de France to celebrate its 20 years of existence.

The M Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the social and economic emancipation of marginalised women and children, and to help them realise a better future by promoting women’s empowerment, child protection and education.

The M Foundation supports some of the most effective, innovative and accountable non-profit organisations working in the fields of:

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Child Protection
  • Education

Women & Children

our past, our future

we do

The M Foundation is committed to supporting innovative, non-religious and non-politically affiliated initiatives working towards gender equality, child protection and education.

The final objective of the M Foundation is to set the basis for a grant-making activity that enjoys a growing geographical presence, whilst ensuring long-term support to the majority of ongoing projects in order to contribute to their long-lasting impact.

The projects are identified every year by the Executive Committee in collaboration with Philanthropy Advisors.

The selection process ensures the implementation of thorough due-diligence checks and monitoring and evaluation practices whilst setting the base for the creation of meaningful and impactful partnerships.





To ensure the quality of the projects, the M Foundation relies on the consulting services of Philanthropy Advisors, a strategic philanthropy consulting firm established by humanitarian professionals.




After studying Business in France and Wales, it is the chance of an encounter that leads Sylvie into the modeling industry. She soon rises to the top of Mademoiselle Agency becoming CEO. After several years running a successful business she decides to get involved in a brand new adventure and creates a Charity Foundation, eager to share her achievements with those in need.



Pascal, in charge of international relations and finances at Mademoiselle Agency, played a crucial role for the launching of the M Foundation. He has witnessed through his extensive travels the vulnerability of women and children in disadvantaged communities. Strongly committed to empowering girls and women, he actively pushed for the creation of the M Foundation.


Press/Media Relation

Marie, after attending nursing school and working for 6 years in the health sector, joined Mademoiselle Agency as head of the editorial department, following her passion for photography and art. She found in the M Foundation project a way to channel her passion for helping others, the same commitment that drove her to become a nurse in the first place.


Models Representative

Aliane is a model at Mademoiselle Agency. Originally from Rwanda, she has always had the desire to engage with the M Foundation and contribute to its mission.



Women and Human Rights Expert

Sophie is a lawyer and consultant, expert in international law and human rights. Holding a LLM in International Law from Fordham University, she has worked with the United Nations and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. She is also cofounder of the United Nations Committee on Women in France.


Education Expert

Jérémy Lachal is the co-founder and General Director of Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF), an NGO whose mission is to provide the most vulnerable populations with the tools to understand the world and transform it. In 2014, BSF launched the Ideas Box, a revolutionary portable multimedia toolkit designed specifically for refugees in collaboration with Philippe Stark and the United Nations Refugee Agency.


Charlotte GABRIS

Since its creation, many personalities have lent their names, talents and time to support the M Foundation’s mission.

The M Foundation has therefore decided to designate such individuals as GOODWILL AMBASSADORS, working on behalf of the M Foundation to highlight key issues and to draw attention to its activities.

The M Foundation is proud to nominate as its first goodwill ambassador the Swiss actress and humorist Charlotte GABRIS. Charlotte has been supporting the foundation since its creation, playing an important role in its fundraising efforts and contributing to its visibility in the artistic world.

The M Foundation’s goodwill ambassadors are promoters of the foundation’s basic values, ensuring they are respected and well communicated at all times.

With the support of its goodwill ambassadors, the M Foundation commits to a grant making activity that is 1. accountable; 2. collaborative; 3. non-discriminatory; 4. inclusive and 5. sustainable.


Legal notice

M Foundation
4, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008, Paris
Under the aegis of Fondation de France
40 avenue Hoche, 75008, Paris
Responsable de la publication : M Foundation
Hebergeur du site: 1and1.com

Photo Credits

Romain Staros Staropoli

“Born in Paris in the late 70’s, self-made storyteller and professed travel addict, fascinated by people, life stories and coincidences, all of which serve as fodder for my ideas.

In 2011, I’ve been travelling over more than 30 countries to photograph the Wise Book, published by Bloomsbury London and Qatar Foundation. An immersion into education and innovation throughout the world with an approach focused on intimate portraits and powerfull interactions.

An immersion into education and innovation throughout the world with an approach focused on intimate portraits and powerfull interactions.
Since then, I keep on working with all those NGO’s on many beautiful and useful photographic projects.
I’m very happy to be part of this M Foundation initiative, a wonderful challenge.
This is the purpose of all the images that I make, to carry a universal message of love, curiosity and empathy.”

The photographer Romain Staros Staropoli has kindly donated the pictures published in the website to the M Foundation, in support to our mission and work.